Meet trainers kolton reeverts and britton straub

Meet trainers kolton reeverts and britton straub

Beloit's athletic training office welcomed two new trainers for the 2013 2014 academic year:Kolton reeverts together with britton straub.

Reeverts graduated from olivet nazarene collage in bourbonnais, dangerous, in 2013 with his bachelor's degree in athletic training and employ science.He plans to attend graduate school and in the become a sports physical therapist.

Straub graduated from uw rock county in 2009 with an associate's degree and from uw milwaukee in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in athletic training and a nutrition record.

The terrarium talked to them to realize their thoughts on beloit athletics, their has as trainers, plus more.

Terrarium:What teams are you dealing with this season?

Kolton reeverts:I am managing men's soccer this fall.Fortunately, there weren't any significant injuries;Mostly being the most common cramps, muscle rigidity, and muscle pressures(Hit on wood).I enjoy being around the athletes and understanding them.They best group of guys.

Britton straub:I am working with women's volleyball and x-Country.The situation going great.

H:What was initial impression of beloit college athletics?

Kr:My first impression of beloit college athletics could be that the athletes have very nice facilities to play on, which include the gym and football stadium.All the sports have it good here at beloit, especially by having two more athletic trainers.

Baloney:I considered that the athletes had a great attitude and worked hard in their sports.The hard work that the athletes are putting in will pay off during the growing season.

R:What other Cheap Pandora Bracelets Canada previous athletic training experience have you?

Kr:I have acquired 1, 200+ athletic training clinical hours as an undergrad student at olivet nazarene university.During summer time of 2012, i completed a physical therapy internship at riverside conditioning in bourbonnais, poorly.

Bull crap:I have had viewpoints with division i men's basketball, men's football, ladies soccer, cross-Country, measure and field, and going boating and diving.Wisconsin senior secondary school division ii football, division iii golf, men's sports, women's and men's volleyball, cross-Country, and fishing and diving.

M:What got Cheap Pandora Bracelets Sale you curious about athletic training?

Kr:I've always been big into sports and have been contemplating health care, so athletic training looked like there was the perfect fit.I enjoy the treatment side of athletic training, learning the athletes, and helping them stay healthy to arive at their sports goals.

Baloney:I became considering about athletic training during high school.I was a three sport athlete and was recurrently injured.I spent the required time with the athletic trainer at my high school and really liked her job. (Head fitness trainer)Toy wier and / or(Asst athletic trainer)Jen Alphabet Letter Charms schuetz have made the transition very easy by teaching britton and i the ins and outs of beloit college and its athletic training course.Conjointly, my many experiences and athletic training clinicals during my basic years have helped me become a well rounded professional.I prepared for this during my undergrad(Knowledge).At the end of my basic career, i did a 640 hour internship at a highschool.

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